First Year in Review

It feels like this last year just flew by. It’s so hard for me to believe my twins are already one. I don’t know how the days past by so quickly. But then, I started this post yesterday ON their actual birthday. As I sat down I noticed there were some baby granola bar crumbs stuck to the seat of my pants and then each child ended up needing something…and alas I didn’t get very far. I feel like that moment sums up my year better than any other explanation I could provide.

So how was my first year with twins?

It was an amazing and exhausting experience. Somewhere around 9 months I hit a nice stride and things started to feel easier. I got through the difficulty of a C-Section recovery, went back to work full-time, and learned to transport 3 humans to and fro during the winter months. I also somehow still managed to bake a few of my favorite items during the holidays. All in all it wasn’t too bad!

What Have I learned?

There are a few major tasks I’ve mastered and some hard lessons I’ve learned over the past year. I’ve mastered getting the kids in and out of the van in a fairly quick manner, and after they started to hold their own heads up I learned to pickup and carry them both at the same time. This may not seem like it’s that big of a deal, but in a split level home carrying them both up to nap and the same time saves me an extra 5 minutes. Not to mention I don’t wan’t to leave them alone with my toddler. As well meaning as he is, his idea of sharing is feeding the 5 months olds fruit snacks and trying to carry them all on his own…not ideal.

The biggest thing that’s changed over the past year has been me. Having 3 children was something I never fathomed. But with each pregnancy I have gained more compassion and understanding for others and myself, and the most pivotal thing I’ve learned is how to show myself grace which is not something I am accustomed to. I am typically very critical of myself. Changing my internal rhetoric was very important to keeping a positive outlook during the rough moments. My motto during those moments has been “This too, shall pass”. Keeping that in mind made everything feel less intense, less difficult. 

My Goals Moving Forward

There are a few things that I have struggled with this past year that I want to address in 2020. They all boil down to one general concept: Routine. I need to master my routine this year. And in that routine I want to make sure I’m incorporating everything I value. I want to make sure to schedule time with my husband and each of my children one on one. I also want to make sure I’m scheduling some time for myself and my health. I want to live a long happy life. To do that I need to make sure I’m scheduling more time to keep myself happy and healthy, because without my health I can’t be the person I want to be.

Goodbye 2019, and Hello 2020!

It’s been a great year. My family and I have grown in so many ways and I’m excited for all of the growth and adventure headed our way. I’m happy to welcome new challenges and embrace the terms toddlers and Kindergartener. I’m sure I’ll have many fun new things to share with you over the next year during my life of one plus twins. Well, here were go!