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4 Things that Happened When I Stopped Drinking Coffee

01/08/2022|Lifestyle, Motherhood, Self Care|

Coffee is a big part of the American lifestyle and but it isn't all it's chalked up to be. I decided to stop drinking coffee regularly. Here I'm sharing the experience of what happened to me after I made the change.

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Easy Fall Sweaters

09/19/2021|Moms, Style|

Fall is officially here! While many people dread fall because it precedes winter, I couldn't be happier. Fall is my favorite season. Cool sweater weather, cocoa and marshmallows by the fire...what's not to love? In my hunt for versatile basics sweaters are a particular deficit in my closet. I'm guessing you're in a similar boat? No? Ok well we are going to love on some sweaters regardless. Here are some of my favs from A&F, Gap, Nordstrom, and Amazon.

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Episode 5: Racism

05/27/2021|Mixed Minds, Podcast|

We started this podcast right after the incident in Minneapolis with George Floyd because we felt like our perspective should have a voice. We truly straddle two worlds and in this episode, we discuss racism and how we've experienced it in our lives. Hopefully, you'll take something away from this episode that helps you grow as an individual.

Episode 4: Black History Month Tribute

02/09/2021|Mixed Minds, Podcast|

n this episode we talk about a few facts we've learned about black history that we didn't know previously as well as chat about our own histories a bit. We also share a few funny stories and are very excited to introduce you guys to the midwestern goodbye.

Episode 3: Education Covid Style

12/30/2020|Mixed Minds, Podcast|

Welcome back to Mixed Minds! We are glad to be recording again, unfortunately there were a few tech issues with this episode, but it's still really good so dive in and listen to us chat about education and learning during covid.

Episode 1: Welcome to Mixed Minds!

10/01/2020|Mixed Minds, Podcast|

We are sisters and we are mixed. We decided to make a podcast to talk about what it's like to be mixed in America. We will discuss big and small issues as well as everyday topics. Give us a listen we may have more in common than you think.

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