Mini-Post Monday No. 1

Two days ago I was feeling very frustrated. This journey to loving my natural 4A curly hair has been a difficult road. I love how they look right out of the shower but as soon as the typing begins they loose all of the definition and length that the extra water was giving them. So, due to my frustration I accidentally found the perfect care routine! I’m so excited to continue the process.

Here's my Process!

  1. I washed my hair with water only, I was feeling lazy and defeated so I did the bare minimum. Water and detangling.
  2. When I got out I scrunched it with a towel and then wrapped it with a t-shirt.
  3. After 5-10 minutes, I say this loosely because I was trying to take care of my preschooler and twins at the time so my guesstimate is likely off. But perfect timing isn’t the point here.
  4. Then, I went layer by layer and used a moisturizing lotion to coat each strand and finger combed through. before moving to the next section I topped the moisturizer with a thick layer of curl cream.
  5. Afterward, I put my hair in two french braids. I wore that look for the day. I also pinned up the tails of the braids so I wouldn’t have to deal with them. I also feel like at this length that they make me look too young.
  6. I went about my day, slept on it, and then I worked out the next morning. I was not excited about the fact that I’d just braided my hair and that I’d now have to wash out all of that product. I thought, “Whatever this is where I’m at now”.
  7. So, I washed my hair. I again didn’t use anything but water and managed my scalp very well. I wanted to wash off the sweat but not work too hard. Shampooing and conditioning is such a labored process. I dread it. So I skipped it. I noticed that my curls seemed really defined and it kind of felt as if I were running my hands through the strands like you see women with straight hair do on shampoo commercials.
  8. I got out and toweled off. I figured if my hair felt ok that I should just use the t-shirt only. And that was it. After it was completed dry it looked amazing!
Two days after french braids

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