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I'm Chaka (Shock-ah)

I'm a mother of one plus twins with a background in graphic design and this little corner of the internet is my happy space! I love getting my hands dirty and doing-it-myself but I also have a particular taste level that must be met! So, this is where come to share all the things I find, love and make. Hopefully you can enjoy all of my finds and messes while avoiding some of the pitfalls I encounter.

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  • Random Spring Items I’m Loving

    Floral Camp Shirt | Navy Tweed Shift Dress | Blue Eyelet Dress | Cotton Blue Sweater | Ruffle Blouse | Black Swimsuit | Modest V Swimsuit ...

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    Random Spring Items I’m Loving
  • Warm and Cozy Winter Wear

    I live in northern MN. Given that, I end up being in winter gear for much longer than those in the south or coastal cities. That also means I take my winter gearing very seriously. I honestly don't go ...

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    Warm and Cozy Winter Wear
  • Host Gifts

    A few beautiful host gifts on hand are a wonderful addition to your holiday shopping plans. I always seem to forget to find something when on the day of the event. If you buy one or two items and have ...

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    Host Gifts