Trunk Club Review

I've been in a bit of a style rut since having kids and trying to pull myself out of that alone has not been easy. So, I decided to try Nordstrom's Trunk Club service and I was blown away.

Beautiful Toys Meant to Last

After having three kids and learning that they can be quite hard on toys I've also learned that buying beautiful toys meant to last is a better investment than getting plastic toys that last a few months and get tossed away.

My Evening Routine

Motherhood is a weird transitional phase in life where you end up doing so many things you never thought you would. I know I have changed significantly since having kids. My evening routine is evidence of that.

Evening Routines of 7 Real Women

What we all do before bed is different and can make or break how we sleep. Many of us don't know how other women wind down for the evening. I've asked a few of my closest friends to share their evening routines with all of you!

Toys & T’s Representing Black & African Americans

As it is Black History Month I thought it only fitting to share some awesome T-shirts and dolls that represent the black community. Buying toys dolls that are diverse is a great way to teach your child about acceptance and inclusion without even have to talk about it.

Episode 1: Welcome to Mixed Minds!

Well, hello there! This first episode is our introduction episode. It’s just a quick snip of who we are and what we will be talking about. We are excited to begin this journey with you and we hope you enjoy the show.

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