The past five years have not been my most fashionable. Typically I ended up wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt for comfort and due to the reality that my kids would likely have me covered in some sort of substance within five minutes of wearing it. If I wasn’t wearing that it was pajamas and a robe… Motherhood can be rough on your clothes and your style. I stopped shopping for myself and focused on them. I started perusing around online because I’ve never liked the mall. And I was overwhelmed by the options. I still am. I’m guessing you’re here for the same reasons. Let me tell you what brought me to try Nordstrom’s Trunk Club styling service. 

How I got here…

I had my first child in 2015 and then after 2 miscarriages, I had my twins in 2019. During that time my job moved from days to nights and I started working from home. All of that combined with nursing and raising three kids left me feeling less than motivated to spend money on myself and a wardrobe that would soon be covered in baby food, vomit, or poop. Hey, I’m just being real. I also didn’t leave the house much so the incentive to put on makeup and get ready for the day vanished quickly. 

The Next Step

After deciding to make a change, I realized my body wasn’t the same shape that it was before, and nothing that I used to wear made sense for my new shape and my new role in life. I knew I needed some help. I tried Stitch Fix and I wasn’t a fan. I’ve also tried Bella Bump (during pregnancy, which I loved) and the Ms. Collection. Stitch Fix and the Ms. Collection weren’t for me and being that I was no longer pregnant Bella Bump didn’t make sense anymore. I set my sight on a few new styling services and looked closely at trying the Daily Look. In the end, I chose to go with Trunk Club. If you use my link we will both get $50 off once you’ve made your first purchase. Whoot!

The Trunk CLuB Result

I was excited and a bit skeptical about the process. I thought the ability to see my trunk before it came would make me less excited to try everything on. Don’t worry that wasn’t true at all. I was a bit on the fence about a few of the items but I’m trying to be adventurous and open-minded about expanding my fashion. So I eliminated only those items that I already had in my closet. 

Click below for direct links to the items I received

I’m wearing size large for the tops and size 31 in pants

Similar Top // Belt // Stretch Skinny Jeans // Bootie

Top // Stretch Skinny Jeans

Sunglasses // Blouse // Skinny Pants

What I Kept

I loved all of the black items. I kept everything in look three from above. The top is a woven light top which is a fabric I typically avoid, but the quality and the fun cut made it feel fun and I felt like me when I wore it. The glasses were a no-brainer, my previous pair were broken by my sweet little monsters and I’ve yet to get them repaired and likely won’t any time soon. These also had a fun rivet detail that I found surprising and didn’t step too far away from my comfort zone.

Now, these pants…they were the most expensive item in my trunk. They were also the most amazing thing in there. They are SPANX brand and as I pulled them up I knew they were going to be a tight snug holding fit. What I wasn’t prepared for was how breathable and light they felt. They immediately compressed my post-partum twin bulge I haven’t quite rid myself of. And just WOW! I felt like a cartoon with hearts in my eyes. I was in a bit of shock when I decided to do a squat… just to see… To my shock and excitement, they stayed put. I did not have to yank and pull after standing back up. They stayed right where I wanted them to the whole time and moved with my body and didn’t compress to the point of pain. I could sit for a few minutes and not have that feeling you get when your pants dig into your stomach. These pants are magic. Even if you don’t try out a Trunk Club box I wholeheartedly recommend these pants. 

Final Thoughts

I’ve always been iffy about subscription services and haven’t ever had much luck with them. Trunk Club has changed my mind. While I initially didn’t like the price points, I’ve fallen in love with more pieces in one box than I had anticipated. I also loved that I could tell a real stylist read my comments and that the box was curated specifically for me with my taste preferences in mind. I’m definitely hooked and will continue using this service.

Have you tried Trunk Club? How was your experience? Let me know in the comments below!