4 Steps To Setup Your Distance Learning Routine

Being that I am now taking over My son’s preschool education I have had to overhaul my whole idea of what my day should look like and how I should behave because truly I was living an alternative lifestyle before Covid. My husband and I work opposite schedules and I happen to work from home. Because of that we haven’t needed childcare.

Knowing I would have to homeschool to some degree. I started thinking about how to structure our day. I thought formatting it as if it were a school would work. WRONG!

Here’s how to breakdown your day and get a routine that works:

  1. Block out your day. Schedule out your meal times. Figure your how much time you need to prep your meals, maybe you need to prep on the weekends or just allot for that time during each day. Maybe meal planning is your thing, if it is definitely do that. Figure out when you want to focus on school work and when you want to have family time. 
  2. Stop trying to follow traditional school transitions. The first week I tried to do it all, and I didn’t succeed, because it was too much to tackle in one day. Take a round robin approach to teaching. For example if you need to cover counting, letter forms, and gross motor skills. Block of a timeframe say after breakfast and before lunch where schoolwork needs to be completed. Start with counting. Move on to letterforms and if your child is doing really well don’t force them to move on to their gross motor activity that day. Just let them keep working since they are interested in it at that point. Start on the gross motor skills the following day. The goal is to look at your week and not your day. You will not be able to meet every goal everyday. So creating this round-robin style of work completion will be a good way to meet your goals for the week without overwhelming each day. So do what you need to do to organize this. Put up a board with your goals for each child, maybe a magnet board and just a magnet to indicate which task is next. Be creative but do what works for you! We’ve implemented this and It’s been so amazing!
  3. The previous item is a bit of lead in to this one. Focus on weekly goals, not daily ones. You aren’t going to get everything done in one day. Schools have bells and multiple teachers to organize transitions and supplies. You are one person trying to do it all. So skip the traditional model of learning and focus on the goals of the week.
  4. This really should have come first. Go for a walk, with your whole family every morning. You no longer have that 15 minute commute so what are you doing instead? You should be getting your blood moving after breakfast and getting some fresh air. It’s a great way to start your day and you’ll be amazed at how much more you’re able to accomplish after you’ve already started moving for the day.

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