9 Tips to Help You Work From Home With Kids

  1. Define a loose daily routine.
      Define the basic structure you want to define your day with. It’s easiest to start with meal times and block out your time more completely thereafter. Don’t over do this. You’re not trying to operate like a middle school with dining bells every hour.
  2. Divide and conquer.
      If you’re lucky and there are two of you manning this ship together, you’ve most definitely got this. While you’re blocking out time also block out who’s supervising the kids and when. This will make it much easier to focus more diligently on the tasks that require your full attention and allow you relax knowing your partner in crime has your back.
  3. Skip daily goals and make weekly goals.
      This is something that I learned from the “Get Your Glow Back” podcast from a guest that has homeschooled all five of her children. Basically it boils down to a round robin idea of task work. Write down your goals/activities for the week. If you finish one quickly or the opposite happens move on to the next activity. If you’ve completed all of the activities start back at the beginning.
  4. Eat lunch together.
      This may seem fairly logical but it’s just nice. How often in your life can you sit down on your lunch hour and joke with your family. In my house we love dinner! The idea of being able to do this at lunch time makes every day feel like a weekend day!
  5. Use your 15 minute breaks for family walks.
      Again this is another tactic to incorporate your usual tasks with your family. Also, considering this social distancing that everyone is now required to do it’s nice to get some fresh air and exercise with your family to help keep everyone’s spirits up!
  6. Give your child more chores.
      Ok don’t look at the screen like that! This is not as bad as it seems your child will get over it. They cleanup the messes they make at school don’t they? Besides if they are going to be home all day keeping them busy rather than just vegging out is a good thing. If you have older children have them help with meals. Younger ones with the snacks.
  7. Insist everyone cleanup messes right when they are done.
      This one is similar to the one above but it stands alone for the sheer fact that independent play time can get messy, and cleaning a giant messy bedroom, or any room for that matter, at the end of the night is fun for anyone. It’s much easier to clean as you go.
  8. Meal prep your heart out.
      Making meals during the week is nearly impossible for some families. So meal prep on the weekends to ensure that lunch time doesn’t take too much of the dinnertime vibe. Enjoying the meal with your family is great but cooking everything from scratch is overwhelming. So, don’t take on too much too fast. Keep it simple, do what you’d normally do for food. Or stick to sandwiches and finger foods.
  9. Get your snuggle on!
      This one is the best one by far! Snuggle your babies (regardless of their ages). Make sure to rejoice in the love in your household and if you have a difficult moment or string of moments just follow my personal mantra “This too, shall pass!”

So, there you have it. Those are my tips for making the shift to a work from home style of living. It’s not easy, but you’ll make it!

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