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Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

There has been so much the past couple years about grace, self love, and mindfulness. It seems that this year all the magazines are talking about organization and decluttering spaces. Which makes sense. How can you be mindful and create a healthy space for yourself with excessive clutter and mess? So for the year of 2020 I have a few goals that align with that sentiment as well as ones that are more tailored to me. Which if you’re following what the experts say you should be tailoring them. Otherwise resolutions and goals are unattainable and abstract.

My Goals for 2020

Due to having the twins and trying to manage a full-time work from home job and care for my preschooler I’ve got a lot on my plate. So first of all I want to streamline my routines, the techie in me is searching for ways to automate everything. Second, I want to improve myself emotionally and physically. I tend to always put my family and kids first. I never make time for myself. I love them so much that I feel best when they are well cared for. But, unfortunately that leaves me feeling unappreciated and a bit bitter. It doesn’t have to be that way. So following last year where I learned to give myself much more grace postpartum I definitely want to continue that journey. I also want to close my diastasis. It’s time. Just a lot more self-care and love! Of course, I want to include my children in this. I want to make a routine to keep them feeling special. When you have twins and an older child it’s easy to get stuck in the daily grind and forget they want to feel special too.


I want to organize everything because getting organized means everything will have a pace and order. Order will help reduce stress and increase efficiency. Which makes a world of difference in a household of six (we have a dog, you’ll meet him later).

  1. Pantry
  2. Fridge
  3. Laundry
  4. Linen Closet
  5. Clothing 
  6. Sewing Stash…this one is going to be tough! lol

Self Love

Last year I learned a lot about self appreciation. Carrying and birthing twins was hard on me and my body. I spent a lot of last year learning to love my newly vacant tummy and changing my outlook on bodies. I view it more as a vessel for my journey now. Which has made a huge difference in how I treat myself. Due to that I have a few self love goals I’m going to work on in 2020.

  1. Close my diastasis, and make daily exercise a priority
  2. Incorporate weekly de-stressing activities
  3. Continued self grace and reflection
  4. Time for self care (Hello Mani Pedis)
  5. Setting aside more time for my fiber arts

Child Development

Parenting is hard. Period. Now that I have three kids I want to make sure we don’t fall into bad habits. I want to make sure we are providing a good daily routine and stimulating activities and making sure to truly enjoy them and everything they bring to the table. I want to share life and joy with them, not just chores and my daily stressors. I also want to get them out for some one-on-one time with each of us. Making them feel special on their own is important.

  1. Develop a Mommy/Daddy date schedule for each child 
  2. Maintain a healthy stable daily routine
  3. Provide daily activities to expand their minds and bodies and enrich their learning
  4. Develop healthy meal and snack prep routine
  5. Take a family vacation