Wishlist 1: July

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I love all of these dresses! They each have their own benefits. And I threw in three accessories that would compliment any of these dresses because of how versatile they are. Also everything on this list is under $25.00 YEP! Fashionable and wallet friendly for all of those who have kids and mom guilt when it comes to buying things for yourself. I know I do!

1. Boho Dress $16.99

I love how simple and loose this dress is. Easy to throw on and go. Nursing in this one may b a bit difficult but is likely easier if you’re ok with lifting your breast out from the neckline…it will either be a lot of boob or you’ll need something to cover up with but hey it CAN be done.

2. Preppy Floral $25.99

This dress is great because the access for nursing or pumping is readily available although it looks so sweet and could easily be worn to something more casual or out to a mimosa filled brunch with friends.

3. White T $12.99

This dress is simple forgiving and easy. Great when you’ve been up all night with the babies (or “baby” if you had one). The downside is with it being a crew neck there’s no elegant way to nurse with this one. So I am currently viewing this one as more of a night gown or a dress you wear around the house for a more casual PJ kind of day.

4. Ruffle Off-Shoulder Dress $25.99

Easy nursing and figure flattering. Win-win in my book. Also POCKETS!!!

5. Striped Casual $9.99

For $10 dollars and being that this dress has shape and pockets I love it! I love all dresses that have pockets. Now that I have twins and a toddler it’s so much easier to forgo the whole purse thing and just bring my phone with a case that contains my ID and card. Less is more mamas.

6. Another T Shirt Dress $19.99

I know another t-shirt dress, but they are seriously soooo amazing! I wish I had a million of these and after I’m done nursing I very well may!

7. Tie Front $20.99

A little unexpected skin is what everyone is into right now and this sweet little dress fits the bill and allows for easy nursing access while maintaining a preppy feeling. I’d pair this with a cure set of slides or espadrilles and a wide brimmed hat and delicate jewelry.

8. Button Front $12.88

I’m absolutely floored with this dress. Its chambray but has buttons and easy access for nursing but still has shape and for a great price.

9 Boho Tube Top Maxi $23.99

This dress is so elegant and flowy. There’s easy access for nursing and the print is lovely.

10. Strappy Sandals $10.00

These sandals are simple and functional. Good price and perfect complement to any outfit over the summer. Hopefully they have your size though as these are flying off the web.

11 Dramatic Studs $12.00

Everyone loves a bit of drama and these simple yet intricate studded earrings are the perfect way to make a statement.

12 Engraved Bracelet $22.50

Something about a beautiful personalized piece always speaks volumes. This bracelet is simple and beautiful without being fussy and would complement nearly every outfit in my closet! The downside though is it seems items like this are nearly unwearable with babies. I usually stick to studs as my main source of accessory as my babies are now to the point where they are grabbing EVERYTHING. Sigh. 

Are there any of these items that you love or have purchased yourself? If so let me know in the comments I ‘m curious of what all of you are into!

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