Moorhead Park Review: MB Johnson Park


Cleanliness is always a must when it comes to bringing your kids to a park. A clean park helps with ambiance and peace of mind. And MB Johnson is perfect for that! It is clean and well maintained. There’s no graffiti or garbage anywhere. That helped me feel very comfortable and safe bringing my kids there.


I loved the equipment here. So did my son. The playground has different things he’s not played on previously. There are a few parks in town that fit the cookie cutter mold and aren’t as nice as this one. The structures were clean and well maintained. The best part for me was that regardless of where I stood I could see my son


I was pleasantly surprised by the amenities here. Two large buildings that could serve as a great location for summer birthdays. Lots of seating! Bathrooms of course. I also thought it was really cool that there was a bike tire refill station. I’ve never seen one of those at a park before!


I love the location of this park. For us it’s close to home. It’s also in an area that is a bit away from the road so you don’t have to worry about to manny vehicles. There’s still a lot of parking so if you needed to host a larger group there is plenty of space. There’s also an open field right next to the park so you could run your dog  if you were the only one there. Its well maintained nothing over the top. The best part is the shade. It has really great shade!

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