Toys & T’s Representing Black & African Americans

It seems like black and ethnic products have always been more difficult to find in the mass market. Thanks to the Black Lives Matter movement retailers have realized there is a market for these types of products and have started making products geared toward a pro-diversity-based audience.

My two favorite t-shirts from below are the Christmas-looking one and the we are all human t-shirt. I love the first one because it made me think that would be a great way to incorporate learning about black history during December as there are 12 names on the shirt it would tie nicely into a “12 days of Christmas” type of celebration. Which is definitely going on my new holiday traditions for my kids. It’s so important to educate our children about black history and not depend solely on the education system to share all of the information. We each need to take it upon ourselves as parents to share what we find most important with our children.

black history month pride t-shirts

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I’ve also found it particularly difficult to find ethnic dolls that feel real to gift to my children. I want them to feel represented and the good news is there are so many more options out there now than there were when I was a child. 

This is a great site for “Barbies” of color. I was even able to find a blonde blue-eyed Barbie with curly hair, which is what my daughter has and is extremely hard to find.

All of these dolls are from Walmart which is amazing because it means they are much easier to find. They have quite a few options but these particular dolls are my favorites.

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