The One Set of Postpartum Underwear You Won’t Regret Buying

Okay, so I was looking for some postpartum underwear with a bit more coverage whilst maintaining some semblance of the woman I once was. I wanted to still feel sexy even though I am still rocking quite the skin sag…thank you twin pregnancy, lol. I happened to stumble across the one set of postpartum underwear you won’t regret buying. They are not at all what I expected. They happened to be better!

Here they are:

iLoveSIA Women's C-Section Recovery Slimming Control Underwear Tummy Control Panties #ad

What I was looking for were some simple high waisted underwear that still made me feel beautiful all while giving me a bit of control. My belly skin still hasn’t fully recovered, so this is the biggest reason for me. I also have a diastatis which has prompted and even greater need for core stability and care.

What I ended up discovering is that these have some serious control. They are super stretchy and remind me of spanks, but they are more forgiving at the same time. So incredibly comfortable! They also have boning in the waist panels. That came a bit of a shock to me. I was not expecting that kind of structure. 

After opening the bag and making some seriously concerned faces at these odd ball underwear I’d bought I seriously considered sending them right back, but I decided I may as well give them a shot…they were here after all. When I slid into these I was beyond skeptical and it took me a while to wiggle into them. Be warned this would not be comfortable in the weeks immediately after a c-section. But give it a few weeks and these will greatly aid your recovery. Anyways, back to my try on. First, for control undergarments these didn’t have awful panty lines. Yes, they are present to an extent but considering the lines caused by others I’ve tried these were a dream. I’ve also tried a few other control options and belly binders and these feel so wonderful. It’s like crawling into the best waist hug ever. 

I’m wholly in love with these accidental purchases. Between the comfort, fit, and the overall look underneath my clothes I feel sexier than ever and ready to take on the world!

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