My Biggest Fear: Becoming A Soccer Mom

Okay, this may sound silly. Well, it IS silly. My biggest fear about motherhood has never been the day-to-day. I’ve never worried about dirty diapers or spit-up. Those things just don’t bother me. I’m one of those people who’s totally OK talking about super gross stuff while eating things that the discussion may resemble. Gross stuff has just never seemed to bother me. But the thought of becoming a van driving soccer mom has always been terrifying. 

Then I got married and my wonderful husband and I had our beautiful son. A few years later we found out we were having twins. My first fear was about to come true. We had to buy a van. We talked about other vehicles. We test drove other vehicles, but none of them would accommodate all three of the car seats we needed to bring with us. My first born was still in a fully loaded toddler seat. I begrudgingly agreed we should get a van. 

We researched like crazy and finally found a used van that seemed to be a perfect fit for our needs. Fast forward a few months to summer…my son is now almost 4 and I thought getting him into a sport would be nice. Soccer seemed like a natural fit. Then it hit me I was going to be a “soccer mom”. I had a sinking feeling in my chest, but this life is no longer just about me. Right now I have to think of my kids first, always. So I didn’t waiver. 

When we pulled up and picked up his jersey and headed over to his soccer field I wasn’t sure what to expect. His team doesn’t have a coach still. One of the team moms was leading the game. She was doing a great job. I stood on the field next to my kiddo taking pictures and helping him figure out which way to run. He had a giant smile on his face so big it filled my heart. I was thrilled. He dribbled the ball in the wrong direction. He didn’t try to get the ball when opposing team members passed him. He was utterly unprepared for this game. Luckily, there were a few older kids on each team that kept the game moving. 

I had so much fun at his game. I honestly think I had more fun than my son! So let this be a lesson to you. Do the things that scare you in parenthood. Don’t fight it. Let it happen. You just might love the experience!



He's decked out in Ralph Lauren Polo and he has Converse shoes from Amazon. Click the pic to go to the shoes.

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