3 Things that Happened When I Stopped My Skincare Routine for a Week

I stopped my skin care routine for a week. It was unintentional but it gave me an eye opening week. There’s just so much going on in life. I work from home and with Covid ensuring there’s no reason for anyone other than the mail man to pop by. It just felt like it made sense to take a break. I mean… if no one is going to see me, why would I go to all that effort. During that week I learned a few things.

Blemishes and Clogged Pores

It just so happened I stopped my skin care routine a week before my monthly visitor. Now, normally I can get through that timeframe with a few blemishes and nothing more. This time around was not like that. My skin became red and blotchy. I was breaking out. It was awful. I am still recovering from the aftermath. Unfortunately, I am one of those people that gets hyperpigmentation so I’m now combatting a few dark spots.

Dead Skin Cell Buildup and Uneven Surface

I didn’t skip washing my face entirely but I did figure if I wasn’t putting makeup on that I didn’t need to scrub and exfoliate quite as much, which for me meant using my micellar water as a face wash and skipping my toner on occasion. This turned out to be a huge mistake. I ended up having dead skin cells build up which created an uneven surface and tone. With the buildup also came the fact that when I did put makeup on it looked caked shortly after I applied it instead of looking fresh. It also made me realize that a healthy glow it a definite necessity but the shine of my youth was not what I needed.

Inflamation and Redness

I ended up having more redness and inflammation. I though this was really odd. I’ve been solid with my current routine for a few years now, and I’ve traded out a few products here and there, but for the most part it’s remained the same. I’ve added and swapped a few products over time. Some of which are serums from The Ordinary. I’ll tell you more about those later! My natural complexion is a very neutral medium or olive brown. After a week without my products my skin had a ruddy redness to it. Anyone could easily see the inflammation that was taking place. Don’t even get me started on the dark circles…

Bringing it Back

After all of that I knew I had to bring back my routine ASAP! I also made sure my first day “back” that I exfoliated and toned well. In a matter of one day my face looked completely different and more at peace with itself which also helped my makeup application go more smoothly. Lesson of the story here, don’t abandon your routine because you’re at home right now. Not only did I feel better mentally, but my skin also looked better. For me this meant a happier day all around. I think given the state of events right now it’s really important to keep your routines and do things that truly make you feel happy and good.

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