Twin Registry Basic Must Haves

There is a lot to research when you’re having twins. I of course couldn’t seem to stop researching. I want my babies to have the best safest products while fulfilling my basic needs of use. So I’ve gathered a list of my favorite twin registry basic must haves. They have been separated into two groups: Mom Gear and Baby Gear, because it’s important to get things that will make your life easier and to help keep motherhood a fun happy experience.

Mom Gear

1. My Breast Friend Pillow

The reason I love this pillow should be obvious. It makes nursing two babies at once so much more feasible. I love how easy it is to remove and wash. They also tout the cute little pocket, which seems nice at first, but I’ve never used it. I’ve never needed to or had a reason to. It’s small, as a twin mama my water bottle is BIG (64 oz). Since the pocket wasn’t the main selling point for me I wasn’t too worried about its lack of usefulness in our house.

2. Essential Everyday Animal Crackers 
Essential Everyday Animal Crackers

Ok I know animal crackers seem silly, but for some reason these animal crackers tasted amazingly delicious to me. We bought the generic brand to give them a try and we were not disappointed. They are better than any other animal cracker I’ve EVER had. Why is this on my list? Because as a mom milking for two it always seems that a snack is needed and a meal is hard to make when you’re barely able to make time to shower. And the flavor! They have just the right amount of lemon flavor to them. Typically I hate any dessert with lemon because I like my lemon to be tart and baking it by default tends to be cause to add sugar and dull the tartness down.

4. Fenugreek

Fenugreek was a life saver when I had my first and I was commuting. I needed to have an over supply to make sure there was enough in storage at all times since I was gone 10 hours a day. This became a no brainer. Once I had twins it just made sense to have some on hand. Do remember not to take more than is recommended and to keep an eye on how your babies respond to the milk. My twins tend to be more likely to throw up immediately after eating. Because of that I take this only in small does as part of an “increase plan” that also includes extra pumping.

5. Spectra S2 Breast Pump

I love my Spectra S2! With my first born I’d gotten the Medela. I hated it. It was a singular pull motion and was very painful. I had sore nipples all the time. This time I did my research and found the Spectra ti be highly rated and it milks in a suckling form that I can only describe as a rippling base beat sound. It feels so much more gentle. I’m also testing out a new portable pump system…more on that soon.

5. Yoga pants with pockets

Phones are a necessity. I loved having these high waisted pants during my postpartum phase. I still wear them! They are high waisted and hold me in well since I’m not fully recovered from the stretching carrying twins has caused on my body. And they have so many cute colors. I felt good wearing them and after twins your body has changed so much. The ability to feel awesome in something can make all the difference in your confidence for the day.

Baby Gear

1. Kiinde Bottle System

My husband and I love this bottle system. It’s easy to use and saves so much mess of bottle transfer. I will admit though I still use the Spectra collection bottles since I prefer a more precise measurement when storing. The warmer is fantastic. It’s the fastest warmer we’ve used. We tried another one since we were having twin…a double warmer and it took for ever to warm a bottle. Over 10 MINUTES!!! We couldn’t stay on board with that as it just didn’t make sense. We’d rather have this system heat up one bottle in 2-3 minutes and then start the next while being able to feed one baby and sooth the other.

2. Maxi-Cosi Car Seat

This is a very safe carseat from a trusted brand. Also, it’s one of the absolute lightest on the market. No brainer on this one!

3. Joovy Twin Stroller

This stroller is a newer purchase but we have enjoyed it so far. The downsides…let’t get them out right away. 1. No carseat attachment/adapters. 2. The spacious storage still has a bit more of a divider than I thought it would. 3. The fold is a bit clunky and takes some practice before you stop hitting your shins. Tip stand off to the side and old the bar that is centered between the two baby seats. Ok, back to the good stuff! This thing is fabulous! The large sunshade is divine and has an equally large window to watch your little ones through. The smooth rolling and the ease of maneuverability are fabulous. I can push the twins with one hand and hold my toddler’s hand and not loose control of the stroller. I definitely give this a solid B+.

Those are my picks for rocking twin life! Let me know what your favorite twin items are in the comments below. Also, if you haven’t already follow me on instagram and facebook to see more photos of our little Blanford Bunch!

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