Top 3 Best Bottles By Usage

There are a lot of bottles out there but I wish I’d been able to find information on what types of bottles to get for specific usage. Yes there are bottles known to be good with colicky babies. But let’s be real with twins? Not happening. Too many parts to clean and not enough time in the day. 

So here’s what I’ve fallen in love with. I have 3 bottle solutions I love! They break down into three categories. Can you freeze it and warm it easily, can you refrigerate it, and is it easily washed? Oh also, is it formula friendly?

My main Freeze: Target Brand Milk Bags

These bags freeze flat and store beautifully. They are also the least expensive and most durable by a long shot. a+ for these storage bags! Go target!!! You can warm them in a water bath supplied by a bottle warmer or in a cup with warm water (my preferred go to as it’s one less machine to clean). 

Up & Up storage bags #ad

Formula Friendly: Boon Nursh

Move over comotomo! This bottle has a silicon insert that is not only dishwasher friendly but also slips out of the hard shell for easy cleaning. It’s also got a really wide mouth which has made it amazing for formula no funnel needed. That’s just one les tool for me to have to clean or knock over at 3 am. Anything that will prevent more work and cleaning is a win in my book!

Boon Nurse Silocone Bottle #ad

Fridge to Feed Fast: Kiinde

We fell in love with these when we had our first baby and we still love them with our twins. They store breast milk wonderfully. We could use them for formula too given the funnel they provide but that ups the price per bottle and formula doesn’t need to be stored cold until after its mixed so it just seems more breast-appropriate. And while I love love love the lock and load ability when it’s time to feed, I don’t love how they freeze. Hence my usage of the Target bags from above.

Kiinde Bottle Gift Set #ad

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