Mini-Post Monday No. 5

I have despised the idea of buying a van my whole life. After learning during my second pregnancy that we were having twins! Then we started researching vehicles that could house 3 children and a dog. That limited our options drastically. It also forced me to expand the search to the dreaded, gasp, VAN. I begrudgingly started looking at them. The more I looked the less distain I felt. We finally settled on a Dodge Caravan. When I drove it for the first time it was revolutionary. So now, I’m going to tell you what changed my mind.

The Doors Slide Open

Everyone knows this about vans but the seeing them in action and having them paired with an automatic opener was amazing. At that time my toddler was just starting to learn to open doors and it was immensely helpful when getting him in and out. Then when the twins arrived the ability to have the doors slide open before I got to the vehicle was amazing.


The Rear Seats Can Be Stored

This was a great feature. I was able to stow either or both middle row seats for a custom configuration which made loading and unloading the car really nice. I also love that the floor space can be used as storage on longer car rides if you’re not stowing the seat. It made a huge difference when we packed to go see my parents. I’ve also discovered that when we lay down the smaller seat in the back that it’s a great place to stuff the carseat and still leaves “trunk” space to store whatever else we need to bring with us. 

The Media Capabilities

The media capabilities are what grounded my opinion. Vans are not what they used to be. I cringed the first time the doors slide open and we loaded everyone in. I sat down for our first drive. The van we chose had a DVD player, nothing fancy, no blue-ray, but it was amazing. I started my son’s favorite Paw Patrol disc, put his headphones on, and pulled out of the driveway.

It was the quietest drive I’d experienced in two years.

After that day, I never looked back. I love our van. I have never once regretted the decision. The storage and the convenience have made my aversion to vans seem so distant and ridiculous. I’m now a firm believer that a van is the only way to go with a young family that has 3 or more kids. We’ll see if I still feel the same as they age, lol. 

The Rear View Camera

The rear view camera was a huge selling point. I didn’t realize how helpful it would be. Then again I never imagined myself driving such a large vehicle and it definitely helps with backing up and maneuvering. I’m able to get into spots I may not have otherwise thought would work. It’s definitely a positive. Yep, I said definitely again. I don’t regret it.

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