Mini-Post Monday No. 4

Gallery Wall is Done!

We’ve lived in this house for 5 years now and I have FINALLY finished decorating our main focal point wall in the kitchen/dining room. Something about taking the time out to search or the right pictures, print them, and hang them all felt so daunting and tedious.  Here are the steps I broke this process down into in order to finally get this task DONE.

  1. Figure out how many frames can fit in your space. That will determine how many photos you have to narrow down to. When you’re choosing how you arrange your photos think about what happens in the room. Is it a more playful atmosphere? Maybe go for something with a more gathered feeling. Or is it meant to go in your dining room? If that’s the case you may be better off with a more organized grid like display.
  2. If you’re a busy mom like me find and use photos you already have as opposed to scheduling a photoshoot. Unless you find that easier.
  3. Edit your photos. I have a newfound love for the Adobe Lightroom.
  4. Order your prints.
  5. Order your frames, if you haven’t already.
  6. Tack up the inner photos that comes with the frame if you can to help ensure you do like your placement. Just know that not all frames have their mounts in the same place so nailing them all up at the same time is not a good idea. 

I’m also loving my new display for our holiday cards! I saw this idea on pinterest and modified it to fit our kitchen. I used some leftover hemp ribbon I had laying around. Ordered some clothes pins and clipped them on the ribbon. So simple and cute! The thing I love the most about it is that it can stay up year round because it’s not too thematic. You’ll have to forgive my counter space. I didn’t stage it or make it look beautiful. Life with a preschooler and twin toddlers is messy! Always, a happy beautiful mess!


What little steps are you taking toward making your house feel more like home?

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  1. 2.11.20

    I love your wall! I’m so excited to start decorating our new house. I feel like we haven’t been able to make any of our last few “homes” our own, because decorating is something I put a lot of time and thought into and we haven’t lived in any of those houses long enough to make them into spaces we enjoy being in. I’m definitely planning on doing some type of picture wall like that somewhere in our new house though!

    • 2.11.20

      Thank you! We’ve lived here for quite a while so I don’t have any excuses other than most of the photos are of our kids. Now that our family is complete it feels like the right time.