If you’re like me you haven’t spent much energy this year on planning. So while outfits and photoshoots for Valentine’s day may have been something I’ve loved in the past this year it’s just not going to happen but that doesn’t mean it still can’t be filled with cuteness!

I am loving these sweet little kiddo looks. You’ll also notice I’m a huge fan of Baby Yoda aka Baby Grogu. 

cute valentines looks for kids

Kids Suspenders // Baby Suspenders // Aloe You T // Mister Irresistible // Happy // Heart Booties // Hearteroni Pizza // Tulle Heart Dress // Ruffle Shoulder Onesie with Headband // Pink Heart Dress and Diaper Cover // Cream Ruffle Sweater // Pink Heart Bobble Sweater and Cream Pants // Peppa Top // Spring Dress // Heart Sequin Top

Star Wars Valentine's T Shirts

Navy I Would Search the Galaxy for You // You Make My Heart Go Vroom // I Heard There Was a Bounty on Your Heart // Cutest in the Galaxy // Together We Can Rule the Galaxy // Bounty on Your Heart // Red I Would Search the Galaxy for You // Little Valentine Outfit // Little Valentine // You R2 Cute // We Ruff You Long Sleeve Baseball T // We Ruff You Short Sleeve Baseball T

I couldn’t help but add a couple of Paw Patrol shirts in because I thought they were just too cute. The fact that it comes in a short and long-sleeved version is perfect because then you can get the length that makes more sense for your child!