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  1. 10.1.20
    helen said:

    Love it!!!!! I’m sure you both have amazing stories and experiences than can have a transformative effect on the world around us and the lives you touch!!!! EXCITED to hear more!!!!

    • 10.1.20

      Thank you! We hope our listeners will enjoy seeing things from our perspectives, and maybe find some similarities to their own lives.

  2. 10.3.20
    Dawn P said:

    I love this idea!! Your point of view is always fun to hear, and it will bring a whole new perspective coming from both you and Cheyenne…especially now that you are in 2 completely different areas of the US. I look forward to hearing more, and will definitely be subscribing! <3

    • 10.3.20

      Thank you! We are learning a lot about each other in the process to which is amazing!