Twin Pregnancy…Things I’ve Learned

I’ve learned so many things during this twin pregnancy. I thought I was ready for this pregnancy. The plan was to be the most put together pregnant woman ever… Fast forward to 35 weeks and I’m tired all the time and my idea of put together is clean clothes and makeup. No styling. No planning. Just clothes that are easy and comfortable. Checkout this list of things that I recommend as one twin mama to another.

Stretched Skin

Ok we all know skin has to stretch a lot for a woman to carry twins. I am no exception. At 34 weeks my skin stretched so much that my “underbelly” is painful to the touch. Even a simple brush of a hand causes pain. My only saving grace is lotion and lots of it! It also doesn’t hurt to make sure you’re wearing the softest coziest clothing possible.

Weight Gain

I’m the same weight at 35 with my twins as I was with my singleton at 40, although I look smaller. You’d think I would have gained more. Or at least appeared bigger. I have almost no water weight this pregnancy, which I find odd. I actually look small yet I’m carrying more “baby” than before. My son was born 9lbs 6oz. Between these two I’m already carrying approximately 9 1/2 lbs and we aren’t even done yet. They still have a few more pounds to gain.

Mask of Pregnancy

As a woman of color I’ve also had the unfortunate symptom of the “mask of pregnancy”. Luckily it hasn’t affected my face. But it has affected my skin in other locations. …Underarms, areola, linea negra (dark line down the center of belly). The wildest one is the backs of my calves. They look like someone painted a strip of dark paint down them with a 3 inch wide brush.

Side Sleeping. HA!

Side sleeping is a joke… I started sleeping on our recliner and haven’t had an issue with sciatica or hip pain since. This is said with one caveat. I tried side-sleeping a few nights ago to encourage engagement. The next day both sides of my groin were in pain. I had to move a lot and could hardly sit. So, if you’re taking my advice make a pillow mountain and sleep at an incline. My preferred incline is about 45 degrees. It may not be the best position for opening your pelvis, but it sure beats all of the aches and pains side-lying causes. Here are a few pillow options to consider… don’t worry the wedge is present.


Diabetes is common in twin pregnancies, and I have it… In my case it has been easily managed with diet. I’m not surprised though, I don’t typically eat/drink 100g of glucose in one sitting as a meal. I’ve also learned to stay within the guidelines ( below 140 one hour after a meal or 120 two hours after a meal ). My simple solution: Lots of fiber, protein, and fat. When I have carbs they need to be less than 50% of the meal.


Also, a crazy fact I’ve learned this week is that oxytocin alone doesn’t cause contractions. A pregnant body also needs and produces melatonin to initiate contractions! If you don’t know melatonin is what causes sleepiness. I found studies that have used uterine tissue and exposed it to oxytocin and nothing much happens…add a bit of melatonin as well, THEN the tissue starts contracting. Due to this more women go into labor at night. It is well known by doctors and doulas alike. And… screen time interferes with melatonin production and sleep patterns.

Long story short: Be a hermit! Lol no just kidding.

Knowing this I have glasses for screen time that filter out blue light, stay out of the sun in the late afternoon, and keep my lighting low.

If the glasses aren’t enough I’d recomended checking with your health care professional to see if it is safe for you to take melatonin in capsule form or as a bath soak before bed. It may be just the push you need to help you get some shut eye.

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  1. 12.28.18

    After I started counting carbs and monitoring glucose levels, I stopped gaining weight this pregnancy… I think I may have actually lost a little even, from about 6 months until the end. Before that, I had been gaining fast! I can’t believe you’re already almost to the end… Not long now, and those babies will be here!