Prevent Racial Bias with Police Reform

People on social media have been using their platforms to stand with Black Americans in such a ferocious way since George Floyd’s murder. It’s amazing and beautiful to see so many people coming together. I’ve also seen many of those influencers sharing links to organizations that support and help people of color also crazy amazing! It’s not often you see White Americans sharing these links or supporting them, because lets be honest it’s hard to support something that doesn’t relate to you. When people typically talk about foundations and communities they support it tends to be organizations that touch on something they have experienced in their lives or the cause is related to someone who’s close to them. 

“Teaching children acceptance and racial sensitivity is wonderful, but Black Americans can’t wait for the next generation to be kinder.”

Seeing a man who was showing no aggression, only fear of small spaces, have his ability to breath slowly taken away from him struck a strong chord with myself and many others. People immediately started calling him a racist and promoting anti-racist rhetoric which is very likely part of the issue. While this incident did involve a black man it didn’t have to. It could have been a man or woman of any race. And it has been. We, as a general population, are just now being made aware of this because of the advancements of cell phone technology and the ability to record these events.

The problem is we cannot prevent racism in every person. Bias is a part of human nature. Teaching children acceptance and racial sensitivity is wonderful, but Black Americans can’t wait for the next generation to be kinder. Action needs to be taken now. Not everyone can be superman. I would like my police force to be as close to supermen as possible. That truly is a tall order so how is that accomplished? We need to raise the standards of the police force. 

Check out Campaign Zero if you want to donate money to a location that is actively working to make us all safer.

This post is not sponsored in any way. It is simply me sharing what I can on my platform to help make this world a better place. 

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