Postpartum Hair Loss

Having twins has been so amazing. They are now 1 1/2 and they play so well with their older brother who’s now 5. I was so excited to have the twins. and the hair loss didn’t even phase me. I did loose them in excessive clumps which was not fun and ended up having to get a tubshroom to help with the drain clogging. Double the baby, double the hormones, double the fallout, and double the regrowth. So now you know why I have that lovely look in the photo above. I’m at a weird phase. I had previously added some highlights into my hair but it seems that most of them were part of the “fall out”. After that all I have is my little rouge tuft of blonde in the front. Couple that with the significant regrowth I have and I’ve got two hairstyles going on. One is the smaller ‘fro growing in that’s about two inches long and is extremely thick and covers my entire head. For every 5-10 strands of longer hair I have there’s a clump that fills the surface area of a dime surrounding it that’s shorter. So there’s the mini ‘fro, the long skinny hair and the ends… oh those ever desired ends to show my length and yet… so far all they are showing is how little time I’ve spent on them and how many tired nights I’ve had. 

So, my point in sharing this is if you are having this same issue I’m with yah girl.

What Am I Supposed to DO With This?!

For me this was the biggest question because I seriously loved my straight hair it was alot to manage but Was getting really good at it when I had my first. When I found out twin B was a girl though I felt a strong need to stop all chemical processes and be the example she deserved. 

First, know yourself. Decide what you want. What are your goals? Length retention? Easy styling? Low maintenance? Where are you going? Nowhere? Work? Gym? What do you need from your hair? Given everything you have on your plate what’s your go to style? What was your go to style before you lost all your hair? These are good questions to ask yourself when thinking about what you should do to it to keep yourself looking and feeling your best.

Then, get a trim or a cut. If you want to grow long hair resist the urge to do a semi-big chop. It’s not worth it to have all your hair the same length if you’re going to be moping around all the time. Even if you want to grow out your hair still get a trim and maybe get it reshaped a little. The way my hair fell out was so lopsided that a little trimming is going to make a world of difference for me.

The biggest help for me during this time has been headbands because I am just not about hair gels and pomades so my edges are flying free whenever they can. Other than headbands I like to rock a few twists and put them all in a bun. French braids were my favorite during the great hair loss, but now they look very unkempt. I’ve recently started doing more wash and go styling but considering I don’t have anywhere to go I often just toss it into a bun. I will say though I’ve been feeling really frumpy ricking a bun with a headband every day. My newest addition is large twist outs (for speed) and then put those in a bun. I know not crazy versatile but it’s different enough that I don’t have to wear a headband and it almost looks like a makeshift updo while preventing my hair from tangling which I definitely consider a win!

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