3 Hair Care Tips For Kids With Curls

Caring for curls is already difficult but when you have to do it for your child it is brought to a whole new level. Keeping a child's curls healthy and well cared for while avoiding exposure to ingredients that they should not come in contact with is very difficult.

Episode 5: Racism

We started this podcast right after the incident in Minneapolis with George Floyd because we felt like our perspective should have a voice. We truly straddle two worlds and in this episode, we discuss racism and how we've experienced it in our lives. Hopefully, you'll take something away from this episode that helps you grow as an individual.

Easy Summer Dresses

I always love when summer comes. Being in northern Minnesota means that it comes quickly and there's nothing I love more than grabbing a few fresh easy chic dresses.

Cute Summer Looks From Ralph Lauren

Is it just me or is Ralph Lauren's spring line amazing this year? I could purchase nearly everything in their new lineup this summer... Here's a roundup of my favorite summer looks for women.

Episode 1: Welcome to Mixed Minds!

Well, hello there! This first episode is our introduction episode. It’s just a quick snip of who we are and what we will be talking about. We are excited to begin this journey with you and we hope you enjoy the show.

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