Holiday Gift Guide for Kids

Some times it seems like shopping for kids for the holidays is much harder than it needs to be. We are definitly subscribing to the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” concept to heart. That said I’m having quite a bit of fun searching and finding the perfect gifts for each child. They are all have such different interests that it’s been making my hunt for the gifts that will bring the most joy so much more fun. Here are the items I’m eyeing for my little muchkins.

Something You Want...

All three of my kids love Bluey! It’s definitly my favorite show that the kids watch. If you haven’t seen it then open or get Disney Plus and find it! It’s an Austrailian based cartoon of two sister dogs and their parents and they play games together and play pretent. The episodes are about 8 minutes long each. Which is awesome! The girls Bluey and Bingo play pretend with their parents and learn life lessons in an innocent and laugh out loud (and I don’t mean the kids) experience. It’s absolutely wonderful. Bluey is so funny that as a parent…I could watch this even if my kids weren’t in the room.

These Bluey gifts are all from Amazon. Which I love, easy shopping is always better. Check the scroll below because there are more items there than are pictured above.

Something You Need...

Nuna Carseat // Graco Carseat // // Switch Case

Okay, so I couldn’t fit the “something you need” here in this post…so check out the intangible something you need post HERE. For those items you physically need see below!

This Nuna car seat has so many amazing ways to get a snug custom fit around your baby. 

I also found this great toddler seat. I’ve learned that although the booster-style seats are nice for transferring quickly between vehicles this larger type of car seat is so much more comfortable and allows children to learn how to start buckling their own seatbelts which is huge for their independence. 

You’re likely wondering why would I put this Nintendo Switch case on the “need” list. Well, if you spent your hard earned money on one of these brilliant little devices then you will agree… watch your sweet little 5-year-old carry this thing around feels precarious at best. At its worst, it feels like a dangerous walk on the wild side. Having a case for transport is so comforting on my mind. As moms, we could all use one less thing to worry about!


Something To Wear

Something To Read

If you’d like to see more checkout my post on books to read HERE.

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