Episode 5: Racism

We started this podcast right after the incident in Minneapolis with George Floyd because we felt like our perspective should have a voice. We truly straddle two worlds and in this episode, we discuss racism and how we've experienced it in our lives. Hopefully, you'll take something away from this episode that helps you grow as an individual.

2021-05-27T21:05:38-05:0005/27/2021|Mixed Minds, Podcast|0 Comments

Toys & T’s Representing Black & African Americans

As it is Black History Month I thought it only fitting to share some awesome T-shirts and dolls that represent the black community. Buying toys dolls that are diverse is a great way to teach your child about acceptance and inclusion without even have to talk about it.

2021-02-16T18:36:15-06:0002/16/2021|Family, Kids, Lifestyle, Mixed Minds, Style|0 Comments


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