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Mini-Post Monday No. 6

I am planning a blog pivot! I need to add more sewing and baking the mix! And what better project to kick off the change than a sweet little easter shift dress!

4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

I'm so tired of winter! January and February are the most difficult months for me, and now that I have kids they also are feeling some cabin fever. Here are a few activities we've been doing to keep the fever at bay.

2020 Goals

2019 has been quite the year! Twins, toddler, work, home care. It's a lot, so here are my goals for 2020. Are yours similar?

Mini-Post Monday No. 2

My year long journey of pumping for my twins has come to an end and I couldn't be happier. I'm very proud of what I've accomplished. Here's my experience in quick review.

My Twins Turned 1 Today…2019 A Year in Review

My boy-girl fraternal twins turned one today, January 10th, 2020. So... how was it? What have I learned? Keep reading and I'll share with you the good the bad and the lessons I learned during the first year with my twins and my 4 year old toddler.

Well, hello there!

I’m Chaka. I'm so excited you're here. I'm a baking enthusiast mother of three working to rediscover my style. I’m loving motherhood and homeownership. Make beautiful things with my own two hands is very satisfying.



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