5 Alternative Halloween Celebrations For 2020

Halloween is an American holiday that we have come to love. We love the candy we love the costumes it is truly a beloved holiday in my household. I’ve always been big on making our costumes myself, and now that we have kids it’s at a whole new level. The only problem is that this year we aren’t trick-or-treating. So, that means I need to find a new way to celebrate the holiday.

1. Host an Intimate Backyard Fall Festival

Dress your kids up or don’t, whatever feels like more fun. If you don’t have kids just push the event a little later in the evening and make a fire. Serve hot cocoa and cider with some s’mores snack mixes or a more elevated fall dessert for adults. Mini-pies and a tray of graham crackers dipped in chocolate with some pretzels would be perfect!

After you’ve figured out your food get some games going. Corn toss, sack races, pumpkin “egg” hunts, candy corn bowling!

Hosting a small party with a few close friends and family members is a great way to celebrate the holiday and who knows you might even have more fun than had you gone door to door. 

2. Host a Halloween Hunt

My older son is obsessed with Easter egg hunts. So much so that we ended up having a Yoshi egg hunt during his Mario themed birthday. Kids love hunting for things. Scavenger hunts and egg hunts are what childhoods are made of. I can ever so clearly remember the eggs hunts of my youth. The best part about this is that the eggs can be saved a reused for Easter and it’s an easy low stress activity that still allows your child to collect candy. The bonus is that you can decide how much candy vs toys go into it. Check out THIS AMAZON LIST for all of your Halloween costumes and supplies in one place.

3. Host a Halloween Movie Marathon

This idea is super easy. Just login to your favorite service and find a few good halloween flicks. Bust out the carmel corn or whatever it is you fancy and enjoy! Maybe Coraline, Hocus Pocus, The Addams Family, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Monster House…the list goes on!

4. Host a Masquerade Party

Instead of covering your eyes get fun masks to cover your mouth. 

5. Hold a Neighborhood Parade

If there are alot of kids in your neighborhood and your comfortable talking to their parents. Decorate your vehicles instead of your house and have the kids stand outside all dressed up. Have a few grown ups drive by and toss candy out to the kids. 

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  1. 10.4.20

    A parade is a good idea! I’m not sure yet what we’re doing this year, but our girls love egg hunts so we might have to do something like that…

    • 10.4.20

      Yes! Isn’t it a great idea? I can’t claim it as an original one of my friends mentioned to me that her block was doing it for all of their kids since they have so many young kids on their street. We are planning on doing a movie and an egg hunt. With my love of handmade costumes for the kids I won’t have time to make a full fall festival this year.