32 Weeks Pregnant

I am 32 week pregnant as of this photo (yesterday). Being pregnant with twins is not what I thought it was going to be like. Not that I was expecting twins. It was quite a shock actually. After two dangerous miscarriages we were just hopeful that when we confirmed the pregnancy in office that it was healthy. Then we found out it was TWO!

I am carrying a boy and a girl! We couldn’t be more excited, but when I dreamt of being pregnant I always pictured just one baby. Since we already have a 3 year old boy I thought a family of four would be perfect. I also thought that my next pregnancy I’d “do it right” a.k.a. dress perfectly, workout the entire pregnancy, maybe even pull off a belly only pregnancy.

…That is not how this pregnancy has been going. The fatigue was present four days after conception and didn’t go away until I was about 28 weeks. So, during that time all I did was eat and sleep and try my best to keep up with chores. My 5k-a-day was OVER. I put on weight fast in the beginning. I’ve already gained 30 some pounds and I still have 3-5 weeks left, and that’s only the weight complications. I’m experiencing round ligament pain, on the left this time (it was on the right with my son), sciatica, heartburn and was recently diagnosed with gestational diabetes. So, it’s been rough. I’ve noticed that my heartburn is caused by a lack of food rather than a presence of anything in particular. Due to the diabetes I’m basically on a low-carb keto like diet and the babies are larger than even a singleton would be at this stage.

I’m also experiencing Braxton Hicks every hour on the hour and have been for two weeks now (since 26 weeks). They’ve become much more intense over the last few days. I can feel them coming before my uterus fully tightens. They take my breath away and make my heart race. Its like I’m in labor already. Seriously, not fun! At this point I am looking FORWARD to labor to ease my pains and restore my sense of self and movement.

Even with all of that going on…I’m blissful. I love being pregnant. No, I’m not as in shape as I’d hoped, I’m not as stylish as I had planned, but the babies are healthy and thriving. We are so excited to add them to our family!

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